Over the last ten years, transit riders have learned to expect accurate real-time data.

July 2018

The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)  announced on July 18, 2018 the release of Report 868: Cell Phone Location Data for Travel Behavior Analysis to provide guidelines for usin

Big Data Analytics

Cambridge Systematics pioneered the development of modeling techniques that make effective use of geospatial data, and is therefore poised to compile, transform, integrate and manage data from disparate sources. Our data integration allows for sound analysis, and we have managed data for some of the nation’s most complex transportation databases.

Data Business Planning

Improved data business planning is a pressing concern for transportation agencies, especially in response to Federal requirements. We help clients address challenges with data availability and integration, transparency and accountability, and processes and systems. Our expertise in collecting, analyzing, integrating and organizing data gives agency leaders the information necessary to make critical decisions. And—because we are planning and policy experts as well as technicians—our solutions account for future demands along with immediate needs.


Freight data at the state and regional level always surfaces as one of the biggest obstacles to good freight planning. What are some innovative things you are hearing about that are addressing this issue?