Incorporating measures and targets into the long-range planning process, developing internal performance monitoring programs, and designing reports for external audiences are critical to communicate your successful asset and performance management program.

Cambridge Systematics goes beyond helping agencies develop a strategic asset and performance management plan. We combine our practical experience, innovative technology and people-focused organizational solutions to help you enact sustained business practices that align with your goals. We can support you by designing or enhancing your existing asset management programs to achieve organizational goals, assist in balancing budget with organizational risk, and develop performance measures that reflect the agency’s policies and priorities.

Partner with us for our nationally recognized quantitative, data-driven approach and qualitative ability to align your transit asset management plan with policies, objectives and business processes that help you make the best, data-informed decisions.

As contributors to Federal guidelines and pioneers of performance management best practices for the FHWA, FTA and several of the largest DOTs, we have a deep understanding of how to implement accountability and transparency to help your community get the most out of transportation investments.

Here are some of the ways we can help with your asset lifecycle approach and performance management:

  • Develop and execute your asset management plan to bring value to your organization and exceed regulatory requirements;

  • Ensure your asset management plan aligns with your organizational objectives;

  • Implement new tools and technology to collect and interpret asset data in a meaningful way;

  • Assist in developing key linkages between your safety management system and asset management program;

  • Educate and further develop internal and external skills to better manage operations;

  • Develop agreed upon strategic, operational and tactical metrics to measure asset health and improve performance of your team and agency as a whole;

  • Prepare your organization for further organizational alignment by introducing new technologies and aiding implementation throughout.

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Satyen (Sati) Patel, MBA, CEng, MEng, MIET, MIAM

National Asset Management Lead