Your agency faces a rapidly changing mobility marketplace. Customer travel and work trends are evolving quickly, with calls to improve access and equity, and enhance speed and reliability, all while making operations cheaper and greener. CS provides innovative solutions and trusted insights that enable agencies to quickly and confidently interpret complexity and provide a broader range of new and traditional services to their communities.

Our collaborative and holistic approach to problem-solving mobilizes industry experts from diverse backgrounds and leverages industry-leading data analysis and decision-making support tools to provide a full spectrum of services.

Here is How We Can Help You

Asset and Performance Management

Develop and implement your asset management plans and initiatives, and proactively monitor and manage costs and performance, with a holistic approach leveraging real-world operations expertise, leading-edge methods and nimble open source tools.

Business Intelligence and Dashboards

Understand and glean actionable insights by integrating complex big data sources with agency ridership and performance systems to produce analyses and visualizations for service planning, operations management, and other applications.

Emerging Technologies

Prepare to harness a future with support from planning through implementation for emerging technologies like Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs), connected/autonomous vehicles, and roadside, station and vehicle-based communications infrastructure.

Equity in Transportation

Build a fair and equitable transportation future. Let’s join forces to put your communities at the forefront of equitable change.

Market and Economic Analysis

Understand your customers’ diverse needs and improve your competitive position through segmented market assessments, ridership forecasting, economic and public benefits analysis, and grant and funding support services.

Mobility Forward

What would your transit and shared mobility system look like if you had to reinvent it tomorrow?

…because you do.

Mobility Information

Manage and deliver integrated, reliable information to riders regardless of mobility need or service type, including real-time vehicle locations and optimized arrival predictions, tailored trip planning and pricing, and eligibility-based trip recommendations.

Resilience and Sustainability

Partner with us to help your agency better prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, and successfully adapt to adverse events. Our work spans risk valuations, climate adaptation, emissions and energy analysis, air quality planning, supply chain and economic impact studies, and more.


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We use a holistic, Safe System approach to help agencies reach their safety goals through ​safety performance measures, targets and priorities to developing Strategic Highway Safety Plans, Highway Safety Plans, Local Road Safety Plans, Fail Safety,

Service Planning and Redesign

Deploy system data like never before to plan the right blend of fixed route and on-demand services and infrastructure that equitably and dynamically meets rider needs, optimizes agency resources, and incorporates transit technology innovations.

Stakeholder Outreach and Event Coordination

Apply proven outreach methodologies and private sector relationships to support structured collection of input from stakeholders.

Strategic and Long Range Planning

Plan, develop, implement and evaluate programs and policies that help you make equitable decisions, prioritize projects, and advance your agency’s strategic goals whether at the local, regional, statewide, or Federal level.

Survey Design and Market Research

From transit market research surveys to commercial vehicle and establishment surveys to household travel surveys, we can guide your agency through the development and design of any survey type. We’re recognized for our work on the Federal Highway Administration’s Travel Survey Manual.

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