Departments of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, regional entities and cities come to Cambridge Systematics for support in planning and implementing data solutions for better data organization, integration, connectivity, analytics and governance. We can support your agency in the management, analysis and tool development for data related activities.

We are experts in Data Business Planning to help you organize and govern data sources as well as develop architectures and frameworks for data system platforms. When you partner with us, we apply data integration best practices that we’ve learned through managing data for some of the nation’s most complex transportation systems. Together, we’ll work to reduce redundancy and promote consistency in your agency’s data results by evaluating and addressing availability of data and information; transparency and accountability; and methods to integrate data from multiple sources, processes and systems.

Data inform all of the work we do at Cambridge Systematics from objective analysis to model development to planning.

At the forefront of data innovations

As data scientists and transportation professionals, our research is never over. We stay abreast of new data sources and our partner agencies count on us to determine if and how these data should be applied to transportation work—and we are proud to share our research, findings and solutions.

In 2018 the National Cooperative Highway Research Program released Report 868: Cell Phone Location Data for Travel Behavior Analysis featuring research conducted by CS’ data experts. From this work, we understood the need to support agencies in using these new data to help inform decision-making and amplify outcomes. We created LOCUS, our suite of location-based services data products.

We recognize the value of new forms of data and have analyze them to support the evolution of the travel behavior modeling paradigm.

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