At Cambridge Systematics, we specialize in helping Departments of Transportation and Metropolitan Planning Organizations and other transportation agencies understand long-range trends and potential futures; define visions and goals; develop long-range and strategic plans; and align policies and plans. Our goal is to help agencies be more agile and resilient during a time of uncertainty, while ensuring investments made today will support their vision for decades to come.

In addition to freight and rail planning, emerging technology preparedness, performance management and modeling, here's how we can apply our national, statewide, and regional experience to design a planning process that reflects your agency’s unique transportation challenges and opportunities and that links to other planning initiatives within the agency:

Planning in Uncertainty

We help decision-makers and the public understand the impacts of changing demographic, economic, environmental, and technology conditions on transportation needs. Using our scenario-based planning approaches you can test alternative polices and investment strategies and allocate resources to address your agency’s goals.

Performance Management

Transparency and objectivity are critical to developing agency- and system-wide investment plans. Using our performance management approach, we help agencies communicate the strategic link between their investment decisions and goals. Through evaluation, monitoring and reporting, we support agencies with target setting and performance tracking to identify strategies and investments to reach their goals for the performance of the transportation system and for the management of their agency.

Asset Management

Agencies make critical asset investment decisions every day that impact the communities they serve. Our data-driven approach and visualization tools help agencies makes informed decisions about managing all of their assets from bridges and pavement to data and technology to property.

Organizational Future Planning

Our industry’s workforce is changing quickly and agencies can find it challenging to attract and retain staff. We leverage industry data, explore talent development and workforce trends, and outline opportunities and challenges to help agencies develop strategic plans for organizational change. Part of this work is assisting agency leadership with change management in order to breakdown institutional barriers, foster innovation and improve the agency’s outcomes.

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