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A pilot to enhance real-time bus predictions for Metro Transit

Over the last ten years, transit riders have learned to expect accurate real-time data.

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Transit Market Research Powered by Customer Data

Passenger mobility has begun a profound transformation.  Social and technological entrepreneurs are launching new mobility innovations into the marketplace at an accelerated pace by leveraging the internet, smart phones and GPS.  These technologies and the increasing proliferation of new shared s

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Declining Ridership: Different Issues in Different Places

If you’re in the business of making transportation better—like my colleagues and I at Cambridge Systematics—you know that there has been rising concern for years about ebbing ridership on many public transit systems across the country.

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The Big and Small: The Benefits of a Data Friendship

I’m an analyst at heart. I think in numbers, trends, and statistics. My organization, Cambridge Systematics, was founded 45 years ago by four MIT professors who wanted to improve transportation by using systematic processes to solve challenging problems.

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