Over the last ten years, transit riders have learned to expect accurate real-time data.

The Planning Process

Successful planning involves public agencies at the state, regional and local levels, along with potentially dozens of interested stakeholder communities. Mobile and web-based tools can facilitate effective coordination and collaboration among these many groups, supporting the life cycle of projects from submission, definition, review and assessment all the way through programming, financing, and execution. Across the US, Cambridge Systematics software supports these activities and improves the outcome of the planning process.

Project Evaluation and Prioritization

Every transportation investment has impacts, and the accurate assessment of these impacts is fundamental to the planning process. Information systems can apply sophisticated analytics to estimate costs and compute the transportation benefits and economic impacts of transportation projects. These systems also enable planners to see how changes in agency and community priorities impact the rankings, priority, and optimal allocation of resources across investments. Our experience spans capital projects and operating strategies across Federal, state and local agencies.

Mobility Software

With increasing demands on local transportation, consumers and transit agencies need better coordinated, comprehensive mobility options. Mobility management, a strategic approach to service coordination and customer service, is gaining interest worldwide in the public transportation sector. When implemented, it will move transit agencies away from their roles as fixed-route service operators, and toward collaboration with other transportation providers.

Activity-based Modeling Platforms

TourCast is a powerful activity-based modeling platform for travel behaviors such as time shifting, telecommuting, transit use and the interactions of household members. As the largest and most experienced group of transportation modelers in the industry, we have been developing travel demand forecasting models for over 40 years. We are experts in both activity-based modeling and more traditional trip based modeling for passenger and freight applications.