Cambridge Systematics announces the launch of Mobility Forward, a suite of services to help transit agencies support the communities they serve during the COVID-19 pandemic and through recovery.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically changed how and when we move today and will have lasting implications for transit ridership and travel well into the future,” says Herbert Higginbotham, Cambridge Systematics’ Transit & Shared Mobility National Practice Lead. “The purpose of Mobility Forward is two-fold: 1.) Support agencies in helping our most vulnerable neighbors get to where they need to go safely and 2.) Reinvent mobility so that it truly meets the needs of all riders and communities after the pandemic.”

Mobility Forward provides carefully curated services and conversations aimed at helping agencies meaningfully respond to disruption; assess pandemic impacts on finance and performance; plan for modified operations and asset care; prepare grant and funding applications; and transform service delivery to resiliently meet future mobility trends.

As part of Mobility Forward, Cambridge Systematics’ experts are deploying a version of 1-Click, open-source trip planning software, to help riders plan safe trips to essential places, like COVID-19 testing locations and grocery stores, using available mode and trip options that are tailored to their needs and circumstances.

“At CS, we feel very fortunate to have the experience, resources and best practices to help agencies through these uncertain times,” says Higginbotham