Mobility Forward

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything about mobility, it is that flexible and resilient transit systems are more vital than ever.

What would your transit or shared mobility system look like if you had to reinvent it tomorrow?
…because you do.

During this ongoing health and mobility crisis and throughout the long and trying recovery, Cambridge Systematics is here to help you get our most vulnerable neighbors where they need to go safely, and to reinvent what mobility means to your community, from square one.Mobility Forward logo with large M with the letters FWD underneath.

We can support your community during the crisis with:

  • Safe transport to health and essential services.
  • Visualizing pandemic ridership and operations performance.
  • Planning for emergency service and operations.
  • Assessing financial impacts and grant opportunities.
  • Supporting virtual meetings and remote work.

And we’re ready to help you through recovery too, with:

  • Updating risk and resiliency programs.
  • Understanding future mobility trends.
  • Preparing for post-recovery service transformation.
  • Developing health and equity transportation services.

As part of Mobility Forward, our experts are deploying Link2Support, an open-source trip planning software designed to help individuals plan safe trips to essential places, like COVID-19 testing locations and grocery stores, using available mode and trip options that are tailored to their needs and circumstances.  

While so much is uncertain, we want to make sure that you have the resources and tools you need to support your community now and well into the future.

To learn more about Mobility Forward at Cambridge Systematics, please contact:
Herbert Higginbotham