We are excited to share that the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Economic Impact Study for Public Ports (2018) is the recipient of an American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Sweet Sixteen High Value Research Award. Cambridge Systematics’ (CS) Paula Dowell, Katie Kirk and Isabel Victoria-Jaramillo quantified and documented the economic impact of public river ports on the Missouri economy as part of this study.

The CS Team visited Missouri’s 12 ports and interviewed port directors, users and facility operators; collected and analyzed data on port activity, the state's economy and industry performance; benchmarked freight transportation in Missouri compared to the rest of the U.S.; and quantified the economic impact of individual ports as well as the port system as a whole on the statewide economy.

Research from the Missouri Economic Impact Study for Public Ports will be featured in AASHTO’s “Research Impacts: Better – Faster – Cheaper” publication to serve as a resource for Departments of Transportation that are interested in pursuing similar studies.