link2support screenshots

Cambridge Systematics launched Link2Support, an open-source, web-based trip aggregator designed to help people plan safe travel to essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Link2Support is part of the firm’s Mobility Forward offering that aims to assist transit and 211 agencies during this health and mobility crisis and through recovery.

“Accessibility to services like health care, COVID-19 testing and treatment facilities, emergency information, food and nutrition support, shelter and housing assistance, addiction prevention and rehabilitation, and services for veterans are more important than ever,” says Sarah Anderson, Cambridge Systematics Vice President. “Link2Support is designed to help our most vulnerable neighbors plan safe trips to these essential services without feeling overwhelmed by time, cost and convenience trade-offs.”

As a platform built using 1-Click, Link2Support simplifies the trip planning process by taking into account the rider’s individual mobility requirements, like physical abilities, Medicaid eligibility and veteran status. Link2Support only provides information on trips and modes that meet the rider’s needs; helping the rider get to their destination safely and efficiently.

“We feel grateful for the opportunity to partner with transit and 211 agencies to deploy Link2Support and help keep community members moving during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Anderson.