MOVES and EMFAC Emissions Modeling

Many areas of the country are struggling to attain national ambient air quality standards, develop greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation plans, and address mobile source air toxics (MSAT) that may affect public health. CS brings broad expertise to these issues, partnering with agencies to model emissions and assess strategies for reducing emissions from transportation sources. 

The Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) emissions model and, in California, the Emissions Factor model (EMFAC) are powerful tools with a wide range of capabilities, including transportation conformity in air quality nonattainment areas. However, they require a range of local input data to provide the most accurate emissions estimates and forecasts. CS specializes in helping agencies apply MOVES and EMFAC and develop locally-specific inputs for emissions modeling, and has developed national guidance on the topic. We apply our understanding of travel demand forecasting, simulation models and traffic and vehicle fleet data to link local data sources with emissions models, providing the most accurate forecasts in compliance with Federal requirements and guidelines. We help agencies understand and navigate the interagency consultation process to meet Federal requirements and ensure a cleaner environment.

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