Modeling & Analytics

Cambridge Systematics Services - Modeling and AnalyticsCambridge Systematics is internationally recognized for our state-of-the-industry data, models and forecasts for some of the world's most challenging and visible transportation projects. Our staff comprises the largest group of transportation modelers in the industry. For more than 40 years, we have developed and applied high-powered and common sense analytical techniques to guide our independent and objective analysis. Our team helped develop or refine many of the transportation analysis practices in use in the industry today. Our work helps our clients invest with confidence in the right strategies, lowering the risk associated with implementation of transportation projects.

Freight Modeling and Assessment

Operations Data Analytics

Specialized Modeling and Analysis

  • We perform modeling and statistical support for a wide variety of safety analysis. 

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  • Sound economic analysis means better decision making across the spectrum of transportation investments, from discrete projects to complete transportation systems.

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  • The accurate measurement of travel demand and an in-depth understanding of its drivers requires the development of a broad regional or intercity system-level approach to transportation.  

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  • Our staff comprises the largest and most experienced group of transportation modelers in the industry. We are experts in both activity-based modeling and more-traditional trip based modeling for...

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  • The new streams of locational data from cell phones and GPS devices can provide a better snapshot of today’s travel patterns but also a unique opportunity to enhance our understanding of the...

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  • Uncertainty is inherent to forecasting—from the underlying data used for estimation and calibration to the estimated variables within the models to the input...

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  • As a leader in highly customized transportation surveys that focus on individual traveler decisions, we have designed, collected, and analyzed a wide range of observed and stated preference data...

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System Data Analytics