Celebrating Black History Month with Educational Resources for Promoting Equity In Transportation

Cambridge Systematics (CS) is celebrating Black History Month by reaffirming our commitment to promoting equity in transportation.

There is much work to be done in the transportation industry to address its complex and challenging history with racism. At CS, equity is at the forefront of the work we do, and helping transportation agencies provide equitable service is a priority of ours. Read CEO Brad Wright’s statement on CS’ solidarity with Black Lives Matter and how our firm is working to address its diversity, equity and inclusion challenges.

As an industry leader, CS is in a unique position to promote tools for transportation professionals to build a more equitable future. That’s why, to celebrate Black History Month, we compiled the list of resources below to help transportation professionals discuss the history of racism in the industry, explore ways to work together to uplift Black communities, and celebrate the achievements of Black pioneers in transportation. These important resources come from key organizations such as COMTO, AASHTO and TRB, as well as those recommended by CS experts. We will update this list throughout the month with new resources.

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Resources Shared by Industry Organizations:


African American Transportation History

AASHTO’s ETAP Podcast: DC DOT Advancing Transportation Equity


COMTO Webinar on 2/11: Celebrate Black HERstory

COMTO Webinar on 2/25: Celebrate History-Making at the State DOT Level


Black History Month 2021: Reflecting on the past and looking forward

The Center for Economic Inclusion:

Transit Equity Day - Honoring Rosa Parks

UCLA Institute of Transportation:

Perloff Lecture Series on Race in Transportation

How Can We Do Better? Limits on Black Mobility in Transportation

Rafael Pereira of the Institute for Applied Economic Research in Ipea, Brazil and Alex Karner of University of Texas, Austin:

Transportation Equity


Resource Recommendations from CS Staff:

Recommended by Alpesh Patel, Senior Associate:

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

Recommended by Brent Selby, Travel Demand Modeler:

'The Wrong Complexion For Protection.' How Race Shaped America's Roadways And Cities

Recommended by M. Clay Barnes, Senior Transportation Analyst:

Why We Must Talk About Race When We Talk About Bikes

Recommended by Rafael Almario, Associate:

Racism has shaped public transit, and it’s riddled with inequities

Recommended by Krishnan Viswanathan, Principal:

Planning While Black: A Powerful Call for Racial Equity

Transportation, Race and Equity: A Syllabi Resource List for Faculty

Addressing Urban Transportation Equity in the United States

Recommended by Baird Bream, Planning & Policy Analyst:

5 essential books to read on making cities anti-racist

Recommended by Karen Kiselewski, Principal:

How Decades of Racist Housing Policy Left Neighborhoods Sweltering