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What would your transit or shared mobility system look like if you had to reinvent it tomorrow?

…because you do.

The support you need to bring your transit system through recovery

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything about mobility, it is that flexible and resilient transit systems are more essential than ever.

During this ongoing health and mobility crisis and throughout the long and trying recovery, Cambridge Systematics is here to help you get our most vulnerable neighbors where they need to go safely. Cambridge Systematics can help reinvent what mobility means to your community, from square one.

We can support your community during the crisis with:

  • Safe transport to health and essential services.
  • Visualizing pandemic ridership and operations performance.
  • Planning for emergency service and operations.
  • Assessing financial impacts and grant opportunities.
  • Supporting virtual meetings and remote work.

And we’re ready to help you through recovery too, with:

  • Updating risk and resiliency programs.
  • Understanding future mobility trends.
  • Preparing for post-recovery service transformation.
  • Developing tools and services that meet the needs of all travelers.
  • Ensuring that mobility is provided equitably throughout the community.

While so much is uncertain, Cambridge Systematics wants to make sure that you have the resources and tools you need to support your community now and into the future.

Software that makes trip planning easy now and through recovery

Link2Support is an open-source, web-based application that helps people discover the essential services they need, like COVID-19 testing locations and grocery stores, and provides transportation options to help access them.

As a virtual trip aggregator, Link2Support assembles information on every available transportation mode, and delivers the options that are best tailored to the individual’s needs and circumstances. Deploying Link2Support helps keep your whole community moving now and through recovery, safely.

Visualizing the impacts of COVID-19 to facilitate data-driven actions

Understanding the impacts of COVID-19 and taking data-driven actions are critical to moving your community through recovery. We’ve expanded Locus, our suite of location-based services data products, to include two new trackers that can help understand how travel patterns are changing week-by-week:

  • Traffic Footfall Tracker which measures daily activity at over 650,000 national brands and entertainment venues at a store-level.
  • Travel Tracker which measures travel trends, such as travel sheds, number of trips, travel by time of day and changes in trip lengths at a granular level.

Click here to learn how these products can be used to study evolving travel behavior changes; compare the rates at which neighborhoods are recovering; calibrate and enhance regional travel demand models; and perform scenario analyses to help with recovery and longer-term planning.

Insight from our experts

Watch a recording of the Navigating an Efficient and Equitable Webinar featuring Conan Cheung, LA Metro; Corinne Ralph, LADOT; and Anurag Komanduri, Cambridge Systematics

Let’s start working towards your community’s “new normal,” today.

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