Cambridge Systematics Announces 8 Staff Promotions to Principal and the Manheim and Taggart Award Winners

In March, Cambridge Systematics (CS) President and CEO Brad Wright announced the promotion of eight staff to the role of Principal, followed by the announcement of the firm’s annual Manheim and Taggart award recipients.

Eight Senior Staff Promoted to Principal

 “Earning the role of Principal is a significant accomplishment. It represents years of significant professional accomplishments and a track record of providing exceptional client service,” said Wright. “These are individuals who demonstrate unwavering leadership, engage in challenging and strategic project work and above all motivate others to do the same. We are excited to watch these individuals continue to grow and develop and lead others to do the same.”

The individuals promoted to Principal include:

Kelsey Ahern – Ahern brings more than a decade of transportation planning experience to our clients in Texas and in the broader South Central region. In addition to leading significant statewide and regional planning efforts in the region, she also plays an active role mentoring staff and participating in her local WTS chapter.

Sarah Anderson – Anderson leads business development for CS Software, pairing client needs with open-source software solutions. Her strong leadership, effective communication and collaborative approach have propelled the expansion of CS’ software business and ability to meet the unique needs of each client we serve.

Evan Enarson-Hering – Enarson-Hering manages a wide variety of transportation planning activities and helps connect performance management to the planning process drawing from his work in Colorado and throughout the US for close to 10 years. His creativity and flexibility have helped deliver some of CS’ most innovative solutions.  

Bert Fowle – Over Fowle’s 31 year career at CS he has become a trusted member of the contracts team for both staff and clients. He understands the needs of clients, offers innovative solutions, and is a team player tirelessly dedicated to their success.

Nate Higgins – Higgins consistently delivers high-quality work in the New England region and beyond. His focus on collaboration helps ensure clients receive the best solutions to meet their needs. Higgins’ client-first approach has resulted in award-winning, industry-known deliverables, like the Data Visualization Guide

Anurag Komanduri – Komanduri’s intellectual curiosity paired with deep knowledge of Big Data and surveys has given him the momentum to lead highly visible and complex projects, present work at the Transportation Research Board’s annual and committee meetings, and collaborate across the firm to ensure agencies have access to the data needed to meet their goals.  

Chris Lamm – Lamm applies to his work national experience focused on urban freight deliveries, complete streets, goods and services movements, first/last mile concerns and land use. Lamm is a sought-after collaborator across the firm and an experienced mentor, particularly to staff located in CS’ New York City office where he also serves as Office Director. 

Krishnan Viswanathan – Viswanathan is a nationally recognized transportation data expert known for developing passenger and freight models, mining and meshing diverse data sources, and leading numerous Transportation Research Board Committees focused on transportation surveys.

2017 Manheim and Taggart Award Winners

The Marvin L. Manheim Award, which memorializes and is named for one of the company’s founders, an innovator and visionary, has since 2001 recognized an individual or group within CS that demonstrates these same qualities through development and implementation of an innovative new product or service that brings value to CS’ clients or to the industry.

This year’s Manheim Award recipient is the CS team that worked on a connected vehicle (CV) pilot project, including Principals Erin Flanigan, Keir Opie and Mark Jensen. In announcing the award, Dan Beagan, Principal, noted that the team developed a plan and methodology to measure the impact of the CV deployment with a combination of empirical data evaluation and an Analysis, Modeling and Simulation approach.  The CS components of the program will develop, test, refine, and finalize the data collection details, data processing methods, performance measurement calculations, simulation analyses and reporting protocols. This team also supported stakeholder outreach in outlining agreements on operational and technical issues that advance the use of connected vehicle technologies.

The Chip Taggart Exceptional Service Award honors CS’ first COO, Chip Taggart, who brought objectivity, vision, creativity, foresight and energy to the role, empowering staff to forge relationships with clients, improve operational performance, and strive for excellence. Established in 2011 upon Taggart’s retirement, the award goes to CS employees for work that significantly impacts process efficiency, results in improved client satisfaction, and significantly contributes to one or more of CS’ mission and core values. 

This year’s Taggart Award went to the team that developed and delivered CS’ new internal training, Associates Boot Camp (ABC), announced Steve Capecci, Chief Operating Officer. The team members include: John Kaliski, Principal; Bert Fowle, Principal; Michael Ensley, Director of Business Analytics; Jenn DiCarlo, Marketing Manager; Mikayla Hickey, Human Resource Generalist; and Sam Miglietta, Human Resource Generalist. “ABC is designed to train our next generation of leaders about the importance of lasting client relationships, giving them an opportunity to forge the relationships with their colleagues that will be critical to their careers, and emphasizing the importance of delivering exceptional service during every project engagement,” said Capecci. “The team that won the Taggart Award made ABC possible.”

Cambridge Systematics congratulates its newest Principals and award recipients, and appreciates the service and partnership they and their colleagues across the firm provide to our clients every day.