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Cambridge Systematics
August 02, 2012
Is a framework really necessary to integrate safety into the transportation planning process?   
Daniel Beagan
July 09, 2012
Can models be developed that consider logistic paths used by freight?   
Vassili Alexiadis
December 04, 2011
What is Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) and how is it being evaluated?
Paula Dowell
July 21, 2011
Why integrate economic analysis in transportation planning?
Cambridge Systematics
April 16, 2011
The Federal government is engaged in several research projects to identify and develop the next generation of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) mobility applications.
Chris Porter
November 15, 2010
Government agencies at all levels are increasingly setting aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and mitigate the potential impact of climate change.
Chris Porter
June 08, 2010
Livability and sustainability are distinct concepts, although there is substantial overlap and they may be occasionally used interchangeably.
Chris Porter
May 11, 2010
How can my transportation agency use performance metrics to support our livability and sustainability goals?